Monday, May 29, 2017

across the top of the world

The bunk beds are ready,
their bathroom is clean.
I splurged on some toothpaste
and bought them some things.

The beach and the pool are calling our names,
the pantry is stocked with all sorts of goodies.
Movies and Lego's,
new markers and drawing pads,
a trip down to Disney!!
Everything we could think of to show them a good time!
It's time to parent our grand kids for a while!!

David and Erika leave in the morning.
They are going to China to pick up Walt.
Harry & Archie are staying with us,
Gus will be with his grandparents in North Carolina,
and Lucy is off to China.
She has a passport and will get it stamped!
We are all so excited.
the time has finally come.
The high chair at our table will be in use once again.

Lots to ask of our God right now.
We need patience and guidance, safety and health.
That all will go well,
the time will pass swiftly,
no homesickness at all for this little family
going their separate ways.

Yes they will fly over the top of the world.
The trip from Chicago to Beijing will take thirteen hours....
then a six hour train ride to where Walt resides.
And yes...they will go to the Great Wall of China.

Godspeed to our loves....
see you at the airport in a couple of weeks
 so that we can meet and love on our seventh grand baby....
Little Walter Bookman Cleland.

Blessed beyond measure!!

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