Thursday, May 11, 2017

hello again....

This morning the port of Savannah 
welcomed the largest container ship 
to ever dock on the east coast.
photo @ Visit Savannah on Facebook

I'm hoping it made its way safely under the bridge!
I love watching these big ships pass by our condo on Tybee Island.

The Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument 
would fit end to end along its deck.
That's a really big ship!!

Today, for the first time in a while, I feel good.....really good.
I had to take some medicine that took away my will to do anything.
Just the thought of writing my blog was abhorrent to me.
Thanking God just now for healing and a clear head.
So often we take being well and feeling great for granted.
Actually, wellness is a huge blessing from Him, 
He, who is our healer and the One that sustains us in life.
How often we forget that truth.

"It's Your breath in our lungs
and we pour out our praise...
we pour out our praise to You only."

Congratulations to Ivan....

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