Sunday, May 21, 2017

the sweet may birthdays...

Jake turned twelve.
Granddaddy is now 73.
What a joy to have a big, fun birthday weekend.

Grandaddy got a shout out for being the 
world's best Grandpa.
He Is the best!

Jake wanted a Star Wars Rebel birthday party.
I made my famous Coca Cola cake.
Bubba got to pick the dessert.
Amanda and I got up early yesterday morning to get it made.
It was delicious.

The party game was this BB8 pinata.
The kids get to whack at it until it bursts open
and lots of money falls out.

Lining up to take the first try to bring the goodies in BB8 down.

Jake first then youngest to oldest.

Lucy knocked it off of it's perch so Amanda had to help
get BB8's loot emptied to the ground.
everybody got six dollars.

I just love this picture!
These kids have such a good time together.
Thank you Lord for these past few days.

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