Wednesday, May 24, 2017

weather related

A friend and the manager of  our condo property
sent us these pictures this morning
of a tornado over the water in front of our unit.
Nature's fury is so awe inspiring.

Thankfully there was no damage.
I think I would have had to commit Bubba if there had been.
Our trek back from Hurricane Matthew 
is still a work in progress with the insurance company.

We decided to go to Pearl's for dinner last evening.
Kind of a "just the two of us" celebration
of his birthday.
Pearl's is one of our favorites.
It is all windows overlooking a tidal creek and marsh.
Yesterday the creek was full because of high tide.
Bubba got crab stuffed flounder and I chose shrimp and crab au gratin.
Just after we got our food the storm descended in all of its glory.
What a sight to see the wind and rain running up the creek.
At some point, all of the cell phones in the restaurant
sounded forth with an ear splitting tornado warning.
It was kind of funny and kind of scary.
We all chose to stay, though.
It was the right thing to do!

I just want to say...
they have these little hush puppies,
fresh out of the fryer,
that taste like donuts,
served with honey butter,
that are to die for.

We stayed for those and so much more.
Thankfully we were spared.

I love storms!
I love storms with a view!
I love storms when I am home cleaning our home.
I got some of all of that these last two days!


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