Sunday, May 14, 2017

mother's day musings

I love Mother's Day!
I love Mother's Day at church.
David brought God's word to us this morning.
What a blessing that was.
I love my family and their thoughts toward me...
the kids with their handmade cards and their sweet whisperings of
"Happy Mother's Day Grammy!"

I received 21 beautiful tulips,
some sweet essential oils,
some Chanel nail polish with the name "ballerina"
and a couple of those absolutely fascinating cards I mentioned earlier.

The first card is from Gus.
He and I are at the zoo looking at a giraffe.
The giraffe is remarkably like us....
the arms are definitely an anomaly
but you can tell it's a giraffe by the coloring.

The second card is by Archie.
His is very detailed and well thought out!
I am always taken aback
 by how God arranged for this little guy from China and that little guy from Ethiopia
to be my grandsons.

I put this picture on facebook today.
These two call me mom.
They are, along with my husband,
the greatest blessings of my life.
Always sweet, kind, respectful, loving children.
God, thank you for choosing these precious souls for me.
I love them so much.

That's me with David in the first few minutes of motherhood.
Oh the joy of that moment.

Lastly tonight me and my mom.
She had the magic.
She gave it to me.
It's what makes life beautiful and exciting.
I love her.

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