Saturday, October 11, 2014

barnyard fun

Yesterday at the Pumpkin Patch!

Its the simple things that mean the most.....
The time spent having fun together.
One on one,
loving what they love,

Just watched Lu heading up an entourage heading down the street.
She was pulling a wagon filled with
Gus & Archie
and a fold up chair.
Harry was on Bubba's four wheel dolly
which was attached to the wagon with a string.
Off they went,
down to watch a house being built.

Very tired tonight.
The last two days have been endlessly busy.
Tomorrow is church and a day of rest.
Looking forward to doing that.

Thankful tonight for our grandchildren
who bring treasures of blessings our way.
What a gift from God they are!

Lu ~ a little over four and a half feet tall.
Gus ~ a tad over three feet tall,

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