Friday, October 24, 2014

our salvation is sure

"God has told us quite plainly that
 He has a great plan and scheme and purpose of salvation.
He formed it,
He planned it before the foundation of the world.
There are steps and stages in it,
and God has told us what they are.

He set His heart upon us in eternity,
and predestined us.
Then He calls us,
 and separates us,
and goes on with His work within us
 through all the steps and stages from justification to final glorification.

Such is God's announced plan and scheme of salvation.
God purposed it in Himself
 before man had ever been created,
leave alone before he had ever sinned.
God has announced it and set it into motion.
It cannot fail
because God is God,
and His purposes are ever sure.

But that is not all,
Here is the most outstanding and astonishing thing of all.....
to bring this to pass,
did not even spare His only begotten Son,
but 'delivered Him up for us all.'

That, dear readers,
is an absolute guarantee that the rest is going to follow.
It is inconceivable that this
righteous God,
who has all power,
should even deliver His own Son up unto death
 for us and our salvation,
and then allow anything to stop it or frustrate it.
It is inconceivable!"

Martyn Lloyd Jones
Romans 8

Tonight I thank You God for my salvation.
Set my heart with a burden
 for those who do not know You.
Remind me to pray for them diligently
that You would open their hearts so that they may know
the joy of salvation in Christ Jesus.

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