Wednesday, October 29, 2014

fall porch

It is fall at #6,
but it sure doesn't feel like the end of 

Anyway, the excitement is rising for
which will be here is a few short hours.
we pick up the golf cart.
I have pumpkin lights,
 a light-up ghost,
and lots of orange burlap ribbon to decorate.

On Friday, then,
we will have chili at Lindsey's house,
and then off into the darkness on decorated wheels we'll go
for Trick or Treat.

What fun....
I cannot wait!

Worked outside all yesterday afternoon
cleaning up around the stump.
It has lots of rings...
probably around 75 or 80 years old.
Bubba and I have different opinions about this stump.
I want to have it blasted out now,
he wants it to have a
 long slow death.
He will persevere, so I need to make it as
attractive as possible.

Maybe I will cover it with pine straw,
and put a big plant on top.

#learning to be happy 
with a big, ugly stump in a prominent place 
in the backyard!

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