Tuesday, October 21, 2014

there'a a little boy from china....

....who doesn't have a clue 
about what in the world we are talking about.
The subject is Halloween,
and he has never experienced Halloween before.

Lucy is going to be Hermione,
and Harry a spy....
Gus hasn't made up his mind yet,
 Jake will be Spiderman,
and Eli is Steve of Minecraft fame.

Archie doesn't understand what we do on October 31,
so it is hard for him to visualize.
He will need some help this year,
but after that....
Halloween will be one of his favorite times of the year.

He called me just now.
This morning he had to be at the hospital very early.
He had an MRI
to determine the success of his surgery back in July.
He got a great report!
But what he called to tell me was,
the doctor said he could swim now.....
now that the days are shorter,
and now that the temps have cooled
and the pool water is cold,
he can swim.

Bubba and I are working on it!
We will find a heated pool,
or maybe we will have another hot day.
Just know this....
the boy from China and his grammy will go swimming soon.

Thanking God tonight for answered prayer 
for this little boy,
his healed spine,,
and that he will be with us to celebrate his
first Halloween.

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