Tuesday, October 6, 2015

at the beach 2day

Bubba and I 
drove down to the beach this afternoon
 to see what the high tides last week 
did to the new sand. 
 it seems that about half of it
 went back out to the bottom of the ocean
where it originally came from.
Kind of a futile endeavor
 I think.
The wind and the tide 
do their own sculpturing of the beach.
There's not much that mere man can do about it!
At least some of it stayed put,
and they are still out there dredging,
so maybe it will all work out.

The sun came back this afternoon.
I was beginning to think that it was gone for good.
It turned out to be a beautiful day at the beach.
Indian Summer at its best!

Look how blue the water is...
and you could see Hilton Head so clearly.

Thankful tonight
 for all the prayers that have been answered.
That God is near to all believers.
That He cares 
about the tiny little details of our life here on this earth,
and that He is preparing a place for us to spend eternity with Him.

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