Friday, October 9, 2015

closer to eternity....

....with every passing step.

I am working on a list of twenty five things
that illustrate my life at age 67.
These all came to me this morning
as I was working at the house.

Ten for today....

I am not afraid of death.
One of the promises that I hold tightly to
is that I will live again all through eternity
because of what Jesus did for me.

When I see the ocean,
something comes over me
that I cannot explain.
The ocean speaks to me of the vastness of 
God's love.

 is amazing!
Who would have thought??

Decorating and keeping 
our home
is still one of my greatest pleasures.

I have finally learned to say NO.
It is infinitely better to please God than man.

My husband is my best friend!
He knows my heart,
He keeps a close watch over me,
He points me to the Word of God in the midst of
my frequent follies.

My friends are gifts....
They never give up on me.
All of us are busy with our lives,
our many health issues,
and our various comings and goings.
When we come together,
we take right up where we left off.

I have,
as the apostle Paul calls it,
"A thorn in the flesh."
rides around on my shoulder
as a constant companion.
I have asked God to remove it from me,
but so far He has not.
He has used it for my good.
He has drawn me very near to Him
and He has taught me that His grace is sufficient.
If that is what He chooses to sanctify me,
then so be it!
I want only His will for my life.

I am not one who can grow things.
I have accepted this fact
and will be moving on from that desire.
I still love to go to Hester and Zipperer's though
 and just look at 
all the beautiful plants.

I love with a passion that cannot be quelled,
with a burning fire that cannot be put out.
It grows stronger every day.
Love is good...
it is the best!!!

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