Tuesday, October 27, 2015

now is the time

Don't miss Salvation.
Now is the time!
Time and eternity are available to us at this moment.
Once we die,
its too late.

If you are waiting around...
waiting to be 
good enough, strong enough, holy enough
for God to love you,
You are wasting your time.
He doesn't love you based on how good you are.
God loves us because of how bad we are.

We were, dear friends, 
born into sin.
Our nature was opposed to God from the very beginning.
Also from the very beginning 
He provided a Way.
God appointed His very own Son,
Jesus Christ,
to be perfect for us,
to be sin for us.
When He died on the cross,
He gave us His righteousness,
His goodness, His holiness.
We don't stand in our own goodness,
we live and have our being because of what He did for us.

We don't call on God.
In our sinful state, He draws us near to Him
and gives us faith to believe.
If you have the least little inkling of desire for God,
it is because He gave it to you.
Stop and say...
"God, I don't know anything about You,
but I want to know You and Your Son and Your Spirit."
He will answer this request,
He will begin to teach you and show you the way.

Don't wait...
Don't let your time run out!
Now is the time of salvation.

As for me,
I was a wretch,
I still am a wretch apart from Him.
I still sin every day.
I doubt,
my faith is weak at times,
I forget that I must wage a battle every day
for my mind and my heart.
It is most times hard to obey and to remember.
God loves me
 because I come to Him through 
His Son Jesus Christ.
There is no other way to be saved.

Jesus said...
"I am the Way,
the Truth,
and the Life.
No one comes to God except through Me."
John 14:6

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