Sunday, October 11, 2015

even closer.....

25 at 67

The Last Five....

David & Erika
Amanda & Mark
What a joy to watch our children
live their lives,
make their mistakes,
raise their kids,
grow in the Lord.
Its been so much fun every step of the way!

I love the church,
the whole concept of what it means to be
The Church.
To join with other believers in corporate worship,
to sing praises,
to hear God's word proclaimed.
What Amazing Grace!

Our Ebay Business.
Very clever for someone to think of this.
Cleaning out,
making a little money,
saving it for our 50th anniversary trip with
the whole family.
Getting close to $3,000.
Maybe in 4 1/2 years we will have enough.

The Condo at the beach.
My happy place.
So thankful!

Last of all and most important,
God is sovereign.
He is ruler over all.
He has everything under control,
and all things are working out according to His Plan.
Believers are secure in Christ,
and will live forever in eternity with Him.
He has written a book to tell us how to live and how to die.
It has endured and will continue to endure
until all is said and done.

As I conclude these 
25 things at 67,
I fall down on my face in 
thanksgiving realizing.....
everything I have comes from God.
He sustains me,
He allows me to take my next breath.

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