Thursday, October 29, 2015


These boys make my heart sing!
Tonight at their house,
Mark is carving

One will be Ant Man and the other Dead Pool.
I will see them on facebook soon, I hope.
Mark is a Master carver,
but having to do both of these will require
some major time & work.

Saturday is Halloween!
It STILL feels like summer....
I love it!
Should be a perfect night for some early
trick or treating on the golf cart
after a Chili Party out at Robbie & Elizabeth's 
haunted house.

And then....
on to Thanksgiving
when I get to see these guys again.
Already planning some exciting adventures
for every day and night they are here.
Of course their cousins,
Lucy, Harry, Gus, & Archie will be a part.

Don't get to see them often enough,
so have to make the time together very special.
Boat Parade
Hilton Head
Jim & Nicks
to name just a few.

Love the holidays!!!
Love the Kids!!
Love the holidays with the kids!!!

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