Wednesday, October 21, 2015

lunch with charlotte bell

Today, after Bible Study,
I had lunch with Liz and Charlotte Belle.
Liz and I were planning our
 Halloween celebration.
and Charlotte came along to make my day.
She is, as a passerby said,
a "beautiful rosebud" of a baby.
I caught this smile on my phone camera
 and had to share!

After we ate and planned,
I took her to my side and she was playing with my purse.
Quick as a wink,
without missing a beat,
she reached in and pulled out my credit card.
We laughed and said,
"She sure is starting young."

Charlotte Bell is seven months old
and weighs 17 pounds.
She is going to be a pumpkin for Halloween,
complete with an orange tutu
and her signature bow,
I can't wait to see her all decked out.

All of our children love Halloween!
I can't wait!!!!

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