Monday, October 26, 2015

that thing about monday

I set it aside as MY day.
Up before 5 to God's word and prayer.
Then on to the housekeeping which I love.
Sheets get washed and reapplied....
I would do them more than once a week
 if Bubba didn't protest.

Other clothes get washed and the bathrooms get scoured,
There are some phone calls in the midst of...
Amanda and I 
catch up on our weekends.
A friend calls to set up lunch for tomorrow,
The doctor calls to inform of yet another infection.
But all along, work gets done.
the washer and dryer are humming,
the dishwasher is purring.

Soon it is time for lunch.
I have some good leftovers from the scrumptious
meal Bubba prepared for our family
on Friday night.
I grab my favorite book,
fix a glass of tea and warm my meal.
I read while I eat...
my favorite time of the workday.

Afternoon is set aside for E Bay...
taking pictures and getting things on to sell.
I have made more than $100.00 dollars just today.

At some point Bubba comes home.
He goes up to his place and shuts the door
as I vacuum away all of the dirt that accumulates
every single day.

I just finished cleaning the kitchen floor...
down on my knees with a rag and white vinegar.
I still have to iron,
but will be in bed by 8:30 with lights out at nine.

God says in His word that we should do our work as unto Him.
Being a happy worker pleases Him,
no matter what your job is,
I am so thankful
to still have the energy to work hard.

The orange roses are on my island.
I played with them in my picture editor.
I think they are gorgeous!

*I will sleep like a baby tonight.
Another way working diligently is good for you.

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