Saturday, October 3, 2015

early ball

Just found Lucy outside playing ball
 in her nightgown
before 8AM.
With Lu you just never know.

We watched the new Cinderella movie together last night,
 definitely went to our sleep with 
"Happily Ever After"
in our minds.
She and I just love that movie.

We are going downtown this afternoon
to finish the apron project.
If this happens,
I will have a picture on tonight of 
me wearing the finished piece.

Looks like Savannah,
in its safe little nook on the map,
will escape most all of the torrential rains
that are a result of two powerful weather systems.

God controls the wind, you know...
He sends it where ever He wills.

This catch was a stretch!
Love that energy.

It is done.
Lucy finished the apron this afternoon!
I will be wearing this new apron at our 
 Thanksgiving Feast this year.

Now what will our next project be?

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