Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Our country...
what do you think?
Is it in chaos?
Yes, probably.
God is still in control.

Lest you think that God is not sovereign over
The United States of America,
stop and think again.

Whatever happens next November
will be exactly according to His plan.
No one,
not even the plenteous talking heads
know what will come down.
So much talk only fuels the chaos.

Believers can pray.
We know for a fact that God hears our prayers.
My prayer is that He will glorify Himself in this land.
this is not a Christian nation.
it was founded on Christian principles,
but the government
 no longer abides by those principles.

Our country has not received any promises from God 
that we as a nation will be blessed.
When the leaders and the people
no longer call upon His name,
no longer obey His word,
have no sense of right and wrong,
prefer lawlessness to order,
Yes there is chaos.

Pray that God will draw this people to Himself...

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