Thursday, March 24, 2016

getting ready for easter

Lucy spent the night last night..
This morning
 she helped me dye the eggs
for our big Easter celebration on Sunday.

It was as you can see,
quite the production line.
She was in charge of all of the colors.
I put in the vinegar and boiling water.
She did the rest.

Right in the middle I ran out of
red food coloring
and had to make a flying trip down to the grocery.
The eggs came out beautiful
we think.....
always such a magnificent centerpiece.

After all was said and done
we poured all of the colors together in one big bowl.
We had one egg left and wanted to see what color it would turn out.
Wanna take a guess?

It came out brown!!!
Now we all know where brown eggs come from.

Next I let Lucy dye her hands,
(This is something only a grammy would let a grandchild do.)

So much fun!!

Now all I have to do is 
finish decorating 
and get some food together.
Can't wait!!!

Sadly, rain is expected
but the egg hunt will go on.
There will be $20.00 in the golden egg this year!!!

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