Wednesday, September 28, 2011

you know you're from savannah if.... had a Starland Dairy hayride for your birthday party.

some of you have wondered,
"why does cathy
always make such a huge deal about her birthday?"
Well here is the answer.....
My mom
was known
for throwing wonderful parties
and for making the best cakes in Savannah.
So there.....
I got it honest.

This birthday was in 1953...
my fifth.
That's me in the very center,
front row,
surrounded by all of my dear friends.
that's you,
second from the left
studying the girl sitting beside you.
I am sitting by Jimmy,
my "bestest boyfriend."
Marion Waters is there
along with Suzanne Moore Birch.
I am still studying the picture for further identifications.

I love the second picture....
there is so much to see.
We all look completely sad and dazed...
too much cake and ice cream you think?
I am sitting by my dad,
of all things,
has a pipe sticking out of his mouth.
I never knew he smoked a pipe.
And those birthday hats....
what a hoot.
They all say something different.
My mom,
the one with the huge pompadour,
is holding Trish, my cousin.
And what is that I'm holding?

What fun I have with old pictures!!!!

L'Shana Tova!!!

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