Monday, April 27, 2015

cathy's new shirt

Bubba took this picture of me yesterday
so that I could model my new
Saturdays & Sundays
It looks a little crooked, 
but you get the idea.

I love the evenings of
You just cannot stay inside.
I am going to be able to pull every one of the weeds
growing so proudly in our grass
because I just love 
being outside.

The deer have already destroyed the few things I've planted.
No need to waste my money on flowers again.
They even eat the ones that are
"proven to be deer resistant."
I will learn to be content without flowers.

Oh, and by the way...
there is a bird's nest in our mailbox paper slot.
They built one there last year
and came back again.
They can have that safe place,
because neither one of us care anything at all about
the newspaper.

Thinking Out Loud ~ Ed Sheeran
I like!

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