Saturday, February 21, 2015

love is....


....old pictures!

That's me,
sitting on my grandparent's beautiful, shiny
Maybe a 1950 model?
They lived at 1719 Habersham Street.
There was a dry cleaners across the street.

Grandmother & Papa lived upstairs.
My Great Grandmother lived downstairs.
I loved to slide down the
mahogany banister.

There was a swing on the porch upstairs.
I spent a lot of time there
watching the cars
go by.
I could name every make and model.

My mom kept me in pretty dresses 
with bows in my hair,
The bangs are cut badly though.

A heritage in family pictures.
To sit and look at them
 brings back so many precious memories.
Thank you Trish and Jackie 
for saving these for me.

I spent my childhood in the fifties.
It was pretty much idyllic...
had a playhouse,
a bike,
a cat, 
and a friend named Loucinda
right down the street.
What in the world more would I have needed?

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