Monday, February 2, 2015

a picture of gus...

....looking at the bubbles on his head.

He had his bath in the laundry room sink this morning.
He has, sadly, outgrown the kitchen sink.
That's okay though.
Lots more room to have fun.
Gus spent the night with us last evening.

Erika took Archie back to St. Louis for a cast change.
seems as if all went well there.
I can't wait to see what color cast he chose.
We will meet them at the airport later on today.

Cannot believe that January is already gone.
2015 is speeding by.
Now February has come.
I was going to make an effort to blog every night this month,
because so much is going on,
but I've already missed last night, so it won't happen.
Fixing Sunday supper
and hosting little Gus
 left no coherent mind for blogging.

I am so thankful for such a 
 busy life
as February reminds me yet again 
of my age.
I think there was once a hymn entitled
"Work Till Jesus Comes,"
and isn't that a lovely thought.

Reading through the Bible, it is refreshing
to see how God used the elders,
both men and women,
to accomplish His work here on this earth
They never retired and lived a life of ease,
floating through their last years
doing not much of anything 
but seeking pleasure for themselves.

Work till Jesus comes........
Invest your life in others.
Tell the awesome story of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.
Look for opportunities to serve others,
even in the smallest, most unassuming way.
Read His word and pray diligently,
 and let your joy be apparent, as it comes from a heart
that has been redeemed 
by the God who made the universe.
Give to others..
from the bottom of your heart.

May our last days on earth
find us thinking of, praying for, and serving others.

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