Thursday, February 26, 2015

love is.....

Twenty-four pale pink roses,
birthday roses,
all for me!

I think I will share them with
the shower guests on

I have always loved fresh flowers.
Only God can make a flower...
From seedling to
dead and gone,
they are a miracle to behold.

Man cannot make a flower.
He cannot make a rose unfold or give off a scent.
Only God can do that.
And think of all the many varieties
He made.....
Various colors, sizes, scents.
Flowers are truly an amazing work of our Creator.

Last evening I had another birthday dinner
and a free dessert that
Bubba and I 

I don't want the month of February 
to come to an end.
When I see it again,
I will be almost sixty-eight.

"Another blink of an eye
67 is gone,
the sun is getting high.
We're moving on."

100 Years

(I am a little tired of cold weather though)

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