Sunday, May 17, 2015

jake's tenth birthday exstravaganza

You only turn ten once in your lifetime...
double digits!!!
Jake came to Savannah to celebrate
this extra special birthday
 with his cousins.

We had an Avenger's party.
Jake and Eli,
who are not interested in eating cake in any fashion,
are closely studying the movable figures
standing among the candles.

Jake and mommy as Thor and the Hulk

First thing out at 4:00 sharp....
a baseball game.

Gus at bat!!

There is a lot of waiting in baseball.

Lucy getting ready to hit the ball.

Jake watching for the ball.

Granddaddy cooking hamburgers, wings, and sausage.

The Avengers ate outside.

Jake waiting patiently (not so) all day
to open his presents.

Cousins all gathered around singing Happy Birthday.
(or getting ready to)

I love this precious birthday boy!

Last but not least, the pinata.
Granddaddy hung it from a tree limb.
It was a big "Hit."
Jake was the one who brought it down.

Picking up the loot!
Great party!
Loved every minute!
Weather was beautiful!
Wore us all out.


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