Sunday, May 10, 2015

two very special mothers...

....that I love very much!

I love you so much!
I love what a good mother you are to
Jake & Eli.
As daughters go, your are the best.
I have so much fun with you,
and I am so thankful that in the plans of God,
He gave you to me.
You make me laugh out loud!

 I love that you are David's wife, 
and mother to
 Lucy, Harry, Archie & Gus.
You have mothered and loved them all so well.
Some of these babies came  from half way around the world.
God chose them for you guys,
but you had to go get them and bring them home.
Thank you for your heart 
for these precious little ones that needed a home.
Thank you for giving us
a whole bunch of different colored grandkids to love.
I love you!

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