Friday, March 27, 2015

almost easter.

Last Friday,
I picked up Lucy,
and we proceeded to have an
Lucy ~ Grammy

First off, we went to see Cinderella.
Such a feel good movie
to see with your granddaughter.
We had hot, buttered popcorn,
and shared a Sprite with two straws.

Next stop was Red Lobster,
 where we cracked some crab legs together.
Then home
to watch part of Harry Potter ~ movie one.
At 9:30, bleary eyed,
I looked at her and said,
"Lucy, I have to go to bed."
We finished it the next morning.

Upon arising,
we made cinnamon rolls
and ate them together with granddaddy.
At some point,
we dyed twelve eggs.

We left then, went downtown,
and had brunch at the
Funky Brunch Cafe.

Home again,
I sent Lucy out back with
balloons, vinegar, and baking soda
to do some experiments
so that I could help granddaddy get ready for the
dinner party that we hosted that evening.
Nothing exploded,
and it bought me a little time.

At some point we played checkers
at which she beat me soundly
because my brain was fried by then.

If you look at the picture, you will notice a big pot.
She poured a little bit of all twelve dye
colors into that pot 
and then plopped in an unboiled egg
which promply got broken and made a huge mess.

All that to say this...
I love Grammy ~ Lucy days!!!
I mean it...
I really do.

Resting and recuperating this weekend....:)

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