Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Grammy, can I have an Oreo?
Sure you can, Gus.
Grammy, can I have two Oreos?

The amazing thing about keeping
 three active children 
for three days
is that we can do it at all.
Without strength and patience from the Lord,
it wouldn't happen,

Having five in the house changes things.
All major appliances
 are going constantly.
There is never a time that
 someone doesn't need something,
People are running into walls
and falling off porches,
They cry,
they cuddle,
the pain gets better.
They are always hungry.
They need to be fed and snacked regularly.
They need to be read to,
played with,
tucked into bed,
taken to school ~ picked up from school.
They need help with homework,
and most of all they need

Archie went back yet again to St Louis.
This time there was surgery.
David and Erika both accompanied him this time.
All went well,
Archie was very brave,
but there is pain,
and He can't walk on his leg for a month.

Please keep little Archie in your prayers.
All of this is working toward
a straight leg that
can run and play
and do all things a little boy should be able to do.

Thank God for His healing.
Thank the Shriner's Hospital in St. Louis
and all of the doctors and nurses
who do such a good job.

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