Thursday, March 12, 2015

God's glory on display

Everyday here ends with a walk on the beach.
The beach is covered with shells.
I have four bags full
 to bring home
to use in my beach house.
Just now,
when Mark and Amanda and the boys were leaving,
we saw this sight out front.
The last rays of the sun created
a pink glow in the clouds and on the ocean.
Every time you look, the view changes into  another scene
 that could be painted and kept for posterity.
Now there is a dark cloud hanging over the water,
and I think a squall is on its way.
Thank you to Bubba tonight.
He knows how much I love the ocean,
and he does everything he can to bring me to the beach
as often as possible,
and always to a place where it is right in front on me.
pony tails,
no make-up,
beach clothes and sandals.,
sleep like a baby.
No stress,
no place to be but right here.
Perfect vacations.
Thank you dear one for loving me so much.

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