Tuesday, March 31, 2015

my very new haircut

I love April, my friend who cuts my hair.
She is Amanda's age,
She lives at the beach.
She has twins ~ a boy and a girl.
She is beautiful,
but in a down to earth, natural sort of way.
I always come away having laughed a lot and feeling happy.
It is flat ironed straight and smooth.

This week before Easter is sobering to me.
As I think about Him 
and how He spent His final days on earth, 
I am always amazed.
With Jesus it was business as usual
up until the very end.
He ran the robbers out of the temple.
He did some of His most troubling and hard to understand teaching.
His disciples were fearful and puzzled.
The Jewish leaders wanted Him dead and gone.

But Jesus never faltered.
He knew what he was born to do,
 and He set His face to his coming death.
Yes, at one time that week, Jesus asked God to
 "remove this cup of suffering,"
but that wasn't to be.
Jesus willingly went to the cross for our sins.

That last week He spent much time with His friends
and much time in prayer,
sweating drops of blood over what was to come.
He was human,
He felt everything we feel,
but without sin.

Jesus knew what was coming,
but He went to the cross because that was what 
God His Father told Him to do.

Thank You Jesus for what You did for us.

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