Saturday, June 10, 2017

a picture worth a thousand words

This picture...
these boys!
Been at the beach all afternoon.
A little sunburned.
Just wolfed down some good food at Long Horn.
All of Grammy's decorative pillows on the floor.

Amanda is standing in front of them giving some kind of instructions.
They seem to be paying attention.
They do not seem to be impressed with what she is saying.

Archie looks mildly distressed.
Jake seems to be astonished.
Eli has relaxed to the point of being semi-catatonic.
Harry is showing a spark of interest.

The rest of the evening consisted of...
extremely small ice cream sundaes and
2 episodes of Star Wars Rebels before bed.

The Cleland boys hit the bed and went out like lights.
The Hollingsworth children took a little longer to settle.
The adults were not far behind.

Grammy Life
Salt Life
It makes you like that!!

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