Friday, June 9, 2017

more helpers came

Amanda and Mark stopped by last night on their way to Virginia
to spend some time with Mark's parents.
They left early this morning
with all of the boys
in the picture.
They ate breakfast at Chick - Fil - A,
Spent the rest of the morning at Oatland Island,
and spent the afternoon at Tybee doing the beach and the pool.
They did all of this while Bubba and I rested at home.
This act of kindness was much appreciated,

We just got back from dinner at Long Horn.
We had a big, noisy, fun, and delicious meal together to end our day.
They will travel on in the morning
without Norman the cat
who is staying here.
Now we have two nine year old boys and a black cat.

It's a zoo here....
I love it!


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