Saturday, June 3, 2017

what's in your purse?

I just left my three boys and ran down to get a pedicure.
Glancing through a magazine,
I saw that they have a feature every month...
What's In Your Purse?
I decided.."that's my blog for tonight,
I'll do a funny one for a change."
Besides, I don't really know
what's in my purse.
So, I came home and dumped it out on my bed.
This is what I found.

1.  My green leather Kate Spade wallet that I have used for at least twenty years.
2.  Two one dollar bills.
3. My "My Panera" card.
4.  My "Kroger Plus" card to get my cheap gasoline. 
5.  My I Phone 7.
6.  My glasses case that Lucy made for me.
7.  Two pair of red and black framed reading glasses.
8.  A bottle of water.
9.  A Tootsie Roll Pop...been in there forever.
10.  The keys to my 2005 Honda Odyssey which I hope never dies on me because I love it.
11.  Two colors of my "Essie" nail polish for impromptu pedicures like today....
Pink Diamond & Status Symbol.
I chose pink diamond.
12.  Easter Egg Swedish Fish left over from Easter.
13.  Dental floss...cannot be without!
14. Hair clips
15 Neosporin and some Barbie band aides.
16.  And last but not least,
my Chanel lipstick ~ Lip Glow,
the one and only best ever never wear anything else!

Okay....Bubba just left for the first night of his 55th high school reunion.
It's just me and Harry and Archie.
We are having a movie night tonight with ice cream sundaes.

*I wrote this last night but was too tired to finish and post.
@life with boys in the house
@tired grammy ~ just want to fall into bed and relax when I get them to bed.
@mornings are a time to "right my ship."
@pool today?

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