Monday, June 5, 2017

God's gift to us....Walter Bookman Cleland

We offer up Thanksgiving for this child.
God chose Walt for amazing is that!
David and Erika and Lucy picked him up from the orphanage yesterday (our time).
He is sad and confused but all of that will get better in time.
His little world has changed drastically.
Granddaddy and I met him early this morning via facetime....
so did Arch and Harry.
We were all thrilled and excited.

This thought is from David.
He has been reading Heaven for Children by Randy Alcorn
every night to his children. 
He likened Walt's experience coming to his new family
to our thoughts of going to heaven.
All he knows in his little two year old mind is the orphanage.
He has no idea what joy awaits him when he comes home.
That's like us.
All we know is this sinful world...
we cannot even fathom or imagine what awaits us when we go home to heaven.

Walt's sadness will soon turn to joy.
Same with us!

Get home fast little boy!
Grammy is looking forward to
 holding you close, 
kissing those cheeks, 
seeing your precious face for the first time.
Until then we will all be praying for you!!

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