Sunday, June 11, 2017

road trip

Starting week three with the two short guys.
They are happy, healthy, and full of fun.
Tomorrow we embark on an adventure....
as if every day wasn't one.
We are taking them to Disney World,
They are beyond excited,
full of plans,
ready to go.
And thankfully,
I do not have to answer the question,
"When are we leaving for Disney?"
We decided on the movies they'll watch on the trip in the car.
I have Disney songs for them to listen to,
Archie has his Mickey Ears
and they both have their autograph books and pens.
Archie has his sleeping bag because he doesn't want to sleep in the bed with Harry.
I have them mostly packed...
there's a lot to remember.
Now I just hope that we all stay well,
and the two grandparents can be infused with extra energy,
and yes patience,
and that the thundershowers that are predicted will be brief.

Norman the cat will stay here and hold down the fort.

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