Monday, January 19, 2015


I love Facebook.
In reality, it is basically a place to keep up with people.
Some of my friends on facebook go all the way back to my childhood,
some I have made since we moved back to Savannah.
And then there are those from 
high school and college,
students I taught,
friends from our time in Atlanta, 
the list goes on and on.

It is a place where we share pictures and good news.
recipes and music,
fun places to search out.....
a way to keep in touch with people
who would otherwise
 have passed from our realm.

Earlier in the month I shared three collages
of the pictures I shared in 2014.
This is just a little sampling of some of my "statuses."
So fun to look back over the last year this way.

David and Archie went to the
Shriner's Hospital
in St. Louis
to start the casting process
 that will make his foot straight and usable.
Keep Archie in your prayers.
He will go back in two weeks for a new cast.
We just picked them up from the airport
Archie was riding on a cart,
with David pushing.
Also on the cart 
was his Star Wars suitcase that we gave him for Christmas,
and his very own little walker.

God have mercy on Arch and his family
as this process progresses.
Not easy ~ Always thankful for God's grace and your prayers

We love this little boy from China
who always
has a smile on his face.

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