Tuesday, January 20, 2015

here it is....

....the natural jute,
 eight foot round rug.

I completely emptied the room 
of everything 
from top to bottom.
I scrubbed the walls 
 the bookcases 
the beadboard 
 the floor 
 the windows
and the overhead fan
until they were all clean as a whistle.

I pushed the rug into the middle of the room
and unpackaged and unfolded it.
At some point during this unpackaging process,
 Bubba screamed down from upstairs,
"You are going to kill yourself."
I didn't answer him.
(He is down with a sore back)

Now Amanda,
you may be right.
The rug, the furniture, and the new coffee table 
may be a tight squeeze.
The table is not done yet, so I couldn't bring that in.

After I placed the rug,
I moved all the furniture back.
Then I moved it around and about, here and there.
By this time Bubba is out cold,
and wouldn't care if I moved all of the furniture out of the house.
(the meds kicked in for him)
And along with a heating pad and his recliner,
he is out for the night.

I did take time to cook a delicious meal,
shrimp creole.
It was amazing and gave me lots of energy 
to continue working on into the night.

Just kidding,
In 50 minutes I will be in bed with my book.
I may get one sentence read before I'm gone for the night.

The days are getting longer!

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