Thursday, January 1, 2015

happy new year

So finally the season is over.
as is another year.
From Thanksgiving until today 
it has been a whirlwind of
wrapping presents,
and best of all,
spending time with those I love.

 this New Year's Day seems.
I don't want it all to end,
but I could not keep up the pace much longer.
Looking forward to relaxing a little,
reading all the books I got for Christmas,
spending time at the beach enjoying
the desertedness of the place I love the most.

2014 was the most difficult year 
I have ever lived through.
God took me into a trial that was almost unbearable.
Of course,
God was faithful to provide what I needed and
He never gave me more than I could bear as He promised.
My dear husband suffered with me
and bore me up with constant
and encouragement,
never failing to remind me of the truth.

I have grown in the Lord this year.
He has taught me so much.
My antidote was to engulf myself in His word,
and through that you learn and grow 
and come out stronger spiritually.

Thanking God tonight for trials,
circumstances that He uses to draw us to Himself,
that cause us to seek Him and nothing else
as we pilgrim through this sinful world on our way home.

Happy New Year!

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